Improve planning for the entire health system to address staff training and professional development, human resource management, investments in infrastructure and related maintenance and possible production in the future, as well as logistical management. The planning will also focus on the development of highly specialised care facilities at Regional levels including strengthening the Heart and Cancer Institutes, Kidney and gastro intestinal management and Neuro surgery.


We are committed to establish a high level of governance based on a leadership by strong democratic and developmental institutions, and in a way that guarantees accountability to the citizens and development partners. We shall create an environment of accountable and transparent institutions right from the grassroots. The Government shall be restructured to make it leaner, effective and efficient in programme implementation as well as adequate monitoring and evaluation of progress towards the agreed set goals.


The environment is a major component of development as it provides vital resources such as water, minerals, and other natural resources that promote human development and survival. Protection of the environment shall be a core objective of Government, which shall formulate and effectively implement environmental strategies and laws to accelerate the process of building a climate resilient economy.


Monetary policy shall be underpinned by medium to long term goals and aspirations of growth and employment. The short-term objective of price stability shall largely be achieved through better budget management including fiscal discipline and lower deficits to limit the negative effects of domestic borrowing on sustainable growth with jobs. Efforts will be made to eliminate any leakages through corruption and other suboptimal expenditures.


The focus of our policy on foreign relations and trade shall include the following:Provide maximum protection for Ugandans in the diaspora. Promoting trade and tourism. Maintenance of national and regional security. Uphold the global fight against human trafficking, drugs and terrorism. Pursue joint learning and research. Promotion of culture and sports and continue with the global fight against climate change


Children will be exposed to practical vocational skills including business and enterprise management starting from lower primary throughout the years of education. All primary schools shall have a component of giving children skills in business, vocational, technical education along with the necessary capabilities to continue to higher levels of advanced vocational and tertiary education. The education sector shall respond to the current and future human resource gaps and align the training with projected demands of the economy, and in line with acceptable global standards. This will enable Ugandans to be easily integrated in global education and employment systems for further learning and contribution to national development through networks of research, teaching and funding.


We shall invest in profession alisation of all armed forces and ensure that they are neutral and non partisan. We shall ensure that the armed forces protect and are accountable to the people rather than any group of individuals. There is an urgent need to invest in the welfare of the security forces including the provision of alternative skills and money to cater for basics of a decent life in retirement. The strategy shall involve supporting members of the armed forces to take good care of their families including educating their children.

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