Construct and equip health care facilities, and deploy well trained and motivated medical workers. Deploy e-governance systems to achieve greater systems accountability, leadership, and effective governance in health services delivery.The focus will be on management systems and inter-sector coordination.


led government will be proactive in nurturing and growing new business ventures and stimulating innovation. Consequently, government will design a comprehensive economic stimulus programme to trigger new forms of growth in the economy, stimulate the growth of new enterprises and, create decent well paying jobs.


Undertake a comprehensive rationalization and restructuring of public sector institutions to remove mandate overlaps, create efficiency and cut down the cost of public administration. Progressively increase the percentage of the annual national budget allocated to local government spending programmes from the current 14 percent to atleast not less than 30 percent over the five years.


We shall employ a big army of youth in every District to plant trees and green the whole of Uganda. At least two million trees per year. Allocate a percentage of the environmental levy towards reducing air pollution. At least 5% of the Environmental levy will be applied to the establishment of green belts and the procurement of air quality monitoring equipment.


Adopt policies and pursue programmes that accelerate the rate of accumulation of skilled human capital in the areas of science, technology, engineering and vocationalisation.Make job creation and economic transformation the overriding rationale for economic policy and a target of creating atleast 5 million new jobs over the next five years.


Increase budget allocation for foreign affairs’ programs and the development budget for the missions abroad. Develop a legal framework to guide foreign service operations and staff appointments. Develop a national Diaspora policy in consultation with Ugandans living abroad.


Mainstream technical education and vocational skilling along the entire education chain. Offer dedicated competitive financial support to private BTVET institutions to scale up enrollment and completion in areas of priority skills training. Our target is to ensure that atleast 100,000 students enroll into private BTVET facilities every year.


Establish the Independent Security Services Commission vested with the mandate to determine discipline, promotions, and commissions; as well as handle complaints and all other matters related to the army, police, intelligence agencies and all other security agencies. Ensure the welfare of the men and women who serve in our military and provision of adequate equipment and materials when they are on mission.

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