Undertake a comprehensive review of the Constitution of Uganda to correct areas that have been altered or wa-tered down; like restoration of term limits, age limits and reduction of presidential powers as far as appoint-ments are concerned.Ensure that government functions and service delivery will be distributed between the central and local govern-ment to dilute the power vested in the Central Government.


The spending on Education will be increased. Currently, education spending is 2.5% of Uganda’s GDP. I propose an increase to 4%. My agenda is to increase focus on training in areas of the country’s priorities including tourism and agribusiness, especially in the country’s Post Primary Education and Training strategy. Improve quality of teacher training by benchmarking best practices for teacher training, making the teaching pro-fession competitive to attract top performing candidates. My government will also improve the consistent up-skilling programs by offering scholarships and making it more flexible and accessible to all teachers through more instruction centers.


Healthcare is my priority. My priority is to bring Uganda’s health care spending to 15% of our GDP which is the lev-el that the country committed to in the African Union summit in Abuja, 2001. I believe that this is achievable espe-cially as our GDP rises and as we embark on an anti-corruption agenda that focuses on improving health outcomes. The anti-corruption strategy shall be embedded in the design of national health plans. My government will champion the policy shift that creates a hybrid of Government funding coupled with Na-tional Health insurance. The health insurance scheme will be for those who are economically productive and then my government will make a contribution to cover the deficit to care for the poor. 


My government will support the growth of local industries by ensuring that they have access to and are given priority in public procurement.I will offer better tax incentives for local industries in order to promote and enable them to compete with foreign investors. Through growing the economy, my government will provide better-paying jobs for the working population. A commission to review the minimum wage and the remuneration of public servants will also be undertaken in order to ensure that every Ugandan’s pay is fair. This will also reduce the growing brain drain statistics and high dependency burden.


My government will take deliberate measures to shift our foreign policy focus from Political Diplomacy to Eco-nomic Diplomacy, with focus on opening new markets for our products, attracting foreign direct investment to create jobs, and marketing Uganda’s tourism. My government will prioritize the establishment of a Diplomatic Academy where our diplomats are trained in relevant skills before being posted to their respective duty stations. Our foreign service will cease to be a dumping ground for failed politicians but a profession of highly competent and skilled people who will serve the interest of all Ugandans.


Conserve natural resources like forests which have a great benefit for the environment and tourism. We shall also educate the population on alternative sources of energy at the household level which we shall make cheap and readily available. Promote civic environmental education on the importance and care required for water catchment areas and ripari-an land. Ensure proper wildlife management that protects Uganda’s wildlife from poachers and addresses human-wildlife conflict.


I will roll back the infelicitous policy of reckless political adventurism and military interventionism. The UPDF will be professionalized as a People’s Army rather than a personal force that has severally been used as a mercenary force. My government will promote peaceful co-existence with all our neighbors based on mutual trust, cultural links and trade interests. Given that we are not at war and do not intend to start one, we will prioritize strengthen-ing our borders as the first line of defense against any possibility of external aggression.

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