Issues of resource allocation, leadership and uneven development continue to polarize our people. Our mission to the 56 tribes of Uganda is an effort to refocus on what unites us as Ugandans, embracing our differences while celebrating our uniqueness and diversity. Our overall vision is to create systems that run independently regardless of one’s personality, systems that Ugandans can trust and respect.


Families are the starting point of a child’s education. We will support financial literacy and continuous early learning options for young people. Private education should be regulated strictly to ensure that education is accessible to all and not of reach to everyone. The education curriculum will also be reviewed to make it more relevant to students. The government will elevate and support vocational skilling.


We believe family is the basic unit of society. Supporting the wellbeing of families will improve the livelihood of citizens across the board. We will take a rights based approach to health care. We will create alternative financing schemes to enable and facilitate quality healthcare for all.


Regions are gifted differently, we intend to develop agriculture and industry to match this gifting. The government will also make deliberate investment in the sports economy and unlock the sporting talent and creativity in young people. It is not enough to tell farmers to add value to their produce. We must prioritize the development of key sectors like manufacturing especially with fast moving consumer goods. We must protect our manufacturers from duplication of imports.


Uganda is not an island. We must clearly redefine Uganda’s foreign policy with a view of getting the most out of engagements with other nations. Relations with some of our neighbours like Rwanda and South Sudan have hit a rough patch. We need a fundamental rethink and re-evaluation of our relationship with our neighbours. Projects like the Standard Gauge Railway have stalled because we don’t have clear terms of engagement with our regional partners. A large part of Uganda’s economy is built with the contributions from the diaspora. We must maintain powerful diplomatic relations with these citizens.


Uganda, the pearl of Africa must be positioned to become the bastion of environmentally focused innovation. Government will make a transition to renewable energy starting with solar. We will incentivize solar suppliers and manufacturers by blocking fake solar imports and focusing on domestic production.


We will focus on nurturing youth based creativity and innovation. We intend to setup regional innovation centre to guide and champion Uganda’s digital revolution. Internet connectivity is not only about access to social media. Its woven in every aspect of Ugandan life. SECURITY A society that builds a strong and vibrant economy must protect its gains and ensure protection of its population from both domestic and international threats. We will achieve this by equipping the defence forces and also improving their welfare through competitive renumeration, adequate housing, medical cover and education subsidies for their families.

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