The National Unity Platform will restore Presidential term limits. Attempts to remove term limits shall be a treasonable offence. (ii) NUP will establish a government that is deeply rooted in the rule of law. (iii). The citizens of Uganda will enjoy a governance user interface that is marked by respect for human rights and dignity, promotion of justice and fairness, and transparent and accountable state institutions. (iv).


The National Unity Platform will radically transform Uganda's education. We shall pursue an ambitious rehabilitation plan of making sure that every school in Uganda is adequately equipped and staffed as follows; Early Child Development: Giving every child the best start in life. (i). Establish standard guidelines and norms for ECD to ensure that every ECD Centre is decent, safe and managed by qualified professional staff. (ii).


(i)The National Unity Platform will implement a health financing policy that guarantees sustainable universal access to quality health care while keeping the cost of care in control. The primary intervention will be the implementation of health insurance. (ii). The National Unity Platform administration will negotiate with the World Bank to cancel payment of debts that added no value. The money saved will be used to form a National Health Insurance Scheme.


The National Unity Platform seeks to approach economic development by focusing on inclusiveness and integration with the ultimate aim of improving the well-being of citizens and sharing wealth equitably. (II).There must be a determined approach that deals with consistent bottlenecks including limited finances; inadequate infrastructure (particularly low energy for production and bad feeder roads); inadequate skills commensurate with manufacturing needs; unfair competition from low-cost producer countries of poor-quality products.


(I)The National Unity Platform pledges to restore ownership of the environment and biodiversity to the people of Uganda and actively begin to protect it. Wetlands, forests, lakes, rivers and other public goods (II). Communities shall be empowered and encouraged with rewards to blow the whistle on encroachers and officials responsible will be held personally to account. (III). NEMA shall be disbanded and its functions returned to the Ministry of Water for wetlands management. (IV). NFA shall be audited and institutional reforms carried out to eliminate corruption. (V).


(II) The NUP Administration will pursue commercial diplomacy to promote her national interests. We shall negotiate with EAC, European Union and other partners to ensure greater access for Ugandan goods in those markets.


Review the Police Act to strengthen the functional autonomy of the police. To preserve the independence of the police from the Executive arm of government, we shall institute an independent police authority to manage police affairs. The National Unity Platform will also promote community policing under which the Uganda Police Force will be able to interact with the public as respected members of the communities in which they serve. Under NUP’s administration, the UPDF will not be expected to preserve the regime but to preserve the integrity of the State. The army will not be put under pressure to repress the citizens.

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