NRM’s focus will be on creating more productive jobs and wealth to ensure the prosperity of all Ugandans. Efforts will be concerted towards harnessing the factors of production.NRM has been working hard to improve the five factors of production (FOP) — land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship and knowledge.
Accelerating the industrialization agenda - NRM’s strategy has always been fourfold: (i) Diversification of the economy from over reliance on agriculture, especially on the CCTTs (coffee, cotton, tea and tobacco). (i). Extensive import substitution in order to reduce the import bill, especially on basic consumer goods. (Iii). Processing of raw materials to add value. (iv). Building basic industries.

With Regards to health, The NRM will undertake the following measures, (i) Renovate or construct theaters and wards in 37 HCIVs without functional theatres. (ii) Construct at least 500 staff houses for health workers at HCIIIs and HCIVs. (iii) Increase access to specialised healthcare services by construction, rehabilitation and equipping of hospitals and super specialised/centres of excellence in line with the National Health Policy (iv)Application of ICT in the healthcare system will also drive health workforce productivity.

Intensify tree planting on individual farms, commercial farmers, fragile ecosystems such as rivers banks and lake shores, Government and non-Government institutions, roads reserves, railways and pipelines, wildlife conservation areas. NRM will also carry out science-driven geological surveys to map underground water sources. (ii) Promote rainwater harvesting by reducing the cost of acquiring necessary equipment such as water tanks.

NRM will continue consolidating and deepening democracy. Furthermore, NRM gave the elected councils powers through the district and subcounty local governments. There is still a challenge that these councils are not using their powers to fight corruption in the council service. For instance, primary education, primary healthcare (Health Centre IIs, IIIs and IVs), water, district roads, recruitment of civil servants at district level are all decentralised services under the district local government.

Increase ICT network coverage and penetration. (II) Promote the utilisation of ICT (III) Enhance digital skills and innovation

NRM will continue to emphasise the teaching of science subjects, skills development, innovation and research. In addition, courses in institutions of higher learning will be purposely developed and aligned to meet market demand of the private sector. The health of Ugandans is also a top priority to NRM

The training of security forces will put an emphasis on creating a pro-people force that is
well trained to handle civilians. We will continue equipping the Police especially in forensic
investigations to improve on the fight against crime. The NRM will continue improving on
the welfare of both the Police and the UPDF. In order to curb the recent criminality in the city, the Government has installed closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) in the city and along the highways. These cameras have already helped in netting some criminals.

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